The Science Behind Google Console Positions in Decimal and Wrong Positions Data of Google Console

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Image result for mathematicsThe Science Behind Google Console Positions in Decimal and Wrong Positions Data of Google Console [Here’s the Answer For Maths Lovers]

When you add your new site in Google Console, it doesn’t any data.


Because it starts collecting data via Google when you add your new site. It doesn’t show any past data.

With time, when the data starts showing, you come across your positions of your keywords and it runs: 1.5,5.7,8.5.

You start thinking it’s all bakwas (absurd).

So, in simple words, it’s the average of Google Dance’s Position.

Google Dance is the up and down of your keyword ranking during a period of time.

Mathematically, it’s the average of the position. What the heck?

For example, your position of your keyword is 2.1 for the last week. So, it goes:

One week has 7 days, Monday your ranking was 1, Tuesday it went 2, Wednesday it went 3. So on for other days. So you can write

1 (Monday)+2 (Tuesday) + 3 (Wednesday)+2+1 (Thursday) +4(Friday)+2 (Saturday)=15 now divided by 7 to calculate the average, so I get 2.1

See here in screenshot the result:

Now you will be thinking, Google Console is also showing 1.6 for the single day. Are you an idiot?

So, you know Google can change your keyword position for the different users based on IP, Location, Previous Experience, Google History etc.

So, it’s the average for all the users that see your keywords.

Now the question comes! Aamir, but this position is not accurate. My keyword is ranking for 20 position, and the idiot Google Console is showing 60. Kis Par Trust Kron Yar! (To whom should I trust?)

So, here it means Google Console hasn’t got much data and the impressions and clicks for your keyword. If Google has less data and impressions, it will show wrong result.

If you have studied maths a little, you would know more numbers in average bring accurate results.

1+5+2+2+3+4+5+1+4+5 would bring better average result instead of 1+2!

So you will see, the keyword that has got most impressions and clicks, its position in SERP would be accurate.

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