Google Chrome Full Installer Download

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Google Chrome Full Installer Download
google chrome full installer
With time Google Chrome has become my favorite Web browser and every time I install OS on my system, this is the first web-browser I install. I do love Firefox too, but I found Chrome to be much faster. Though one thing which I hate about Chrome is it’s online installer. When ever you try installing chrome, it will download a small exe file and upon running it, it will download the Chrome full installer file and will install chrome on your browser.Though the biggest problem with this process is, you need to download chrome every-time you install new OS. This is waste of time and also waste of bandwidth.

Why you need Chrome offline Standalone Installer?

Imagine you in a college and need to install Chrome on 50 Pc’s. Do the match, How much bandwidth would be wasting on online installer. The quick solution is download the full installer of Chrome which will help you to install it on unlimited computer without going online.

So here I’m sharing the Google chrome full installer, So that one can install the Google favorite browser chrome Into your system offline. The debate is still on between Mozilla And Chrome , I will soon come up with the Mozilla Vs Chrome debate.

Before That I would Like to know which is your favorite browser?

And Here is The link to download full installer of Google chrome. You can download the developer version or stand along version.

In case, if you are ok with online installer, you can download the latest build of Chrome from their Homepage:

Hope this post helped you to save your bandwidth and time. If you find it useful, don’t forget to +1 on Google+.

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